Ember - The Best Thing About Hot Beverages

Is there one cup you reach for more often than others in the morning? Do you have a favorite? Is it plain or does it have a design? Perhaps it proclaims that you’re the worlds greatest “something” or maybe it’s one of those cups that warns people you’ll be moody until you have finished your coffee. Maybe it’s one of those that states “I 🖤 Nebraska” (or whatever person, place or thing it is that you actually 🖤). It could be there is no real “favorite” and it might just be one of a dozen that came with your set of dishes, each one exactly the same as the next.  

The coffee cups in our cupboard are quite varied, ranging from a Kermit the Frog cup to a New York Mets 1988 Roster cup, which must have been a free giveaway at the ballpark one day. We have many Mickey Mouse cups, a couple of Epcot Center cups, a few cups emblazoned with the New York Philharmonic logo, cups with various holiday designs on them and cups that were purchased from our local coffee shop. Many of these were received as gifts while others were picked up as souvenirs from the places we visited. We commemorated our visit to the Getty Museum for example by purchasing a Pantone 7672 cup, because nothing says Getty like a Pantone Color cup, right? These “coffee cups” are used for pretty much anything, coffee (of course) tea, milk, water, wine, and even ice cream.  I mean, really isn’t a cup just a bowl with a handle on it?

In addition to all of our regular sized coffee cups and mugs there is also a small collection of espresso cups.  Some of these sit on a warming plate attached to the espresso maker and others are a little more fancy and even come complete with their own small sized saucers.  There are cups lined with silver, cups that are perfectly clear, cups that are solid colors and some cups that are double walled. These cups have a specific use and David is usually the only person who uses them being that I am not a big espresso person. I will admit though, that if you put a scoop of vanilla ice cream in one of these cups and top it with a shot of espresso (better known as an affogato) I am there with a spoon at the ready.  

So which is my favorite cup? Well at the moment… it’s the cup I received as a gift this past Christmas.  And before I go any further, just know this is not an ad, no one asked me to write this… but my favorite cup is the Ember Ceramic Mug.  When I first heard about the Ember, I thought it was just another gimmick that probably wouldn’t live up to the hype. It’s a bit pricey for a cup, it’s another electronic device in the house, another thing that you have to plug in and charge and really how good could it be? If you don’t know about Ember, it is a ceramic mug that has a built in warmer/battery in the base that can keep your beverage hot from the first sip to the last drop. But it doesn’t just keep it hot; it keeps it at the temperature you set it at (anywhere from 120°F to 145°F). For too long, I would brew a cup of tea only to burn my tongue on the first sip then set the cup down for a while only to come back at some point and the tea would be stone cold. Well, no more of that. With this mug I set the temperature to 137°F (the perfect temp for me) and when it gets to that temperature it will hold it there so every sip is burn free and it won’t grow cold even if I leave it for a while.  It even sends a notification to your phone to let you know when the temperature is correct or its running low on battery!

No more rushing through your morning tea or coffee before it gets cold and no more guessing if it will be too hot to start drinking. I will certainly acknowledge this is the definition of a “first world problem” if there ever was one and I would have NEVER bought this for myself. David was extoling the benefits to his brother and the mockery was off the charts and completely valid as well. If you think about this and other unnecessary things (electric toothbrushes, dishwashers, bottled water, smartphones) there are so many things we don’t “need” but buy anyway. But really though, one of the best things about food is enjoying it at the proper temperature (warming drawers or plate warmers anyone?) and despite all of my original skepticism about this mug I have to say I think this is one of the greatest things I have come across in a long time. David and both have one, color-coded so we know which is which, and they get used everyday. Get past the guilt and silliness by convincing someone to give this to you as a gift! Then you can return the favor and both enjoy a really small luxury in an otherwise crazy world.

Riley enjoying his favorite sunny spot.